Interpretation of the logo 

For a while now people stress that it is essential to respect the carrying capacity of the ecosystems on earth in order to keep our society liveable. In 2005 this was illustrated aptly by the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (see www.millenniumassessment.org). Mankind depends indeed on the services rendered by these ecosystems. In the logo this is symbolized by the ‘environment’ (green colour) that supports the ‘society’ (red colour).

And next? The economy? It is a mean to model development. “... with or without the use of money, to employ scarce productive resources that could have alternate uses …” like this Paul Samuelson begins the description in his reference book ‘Economics’. ‘Practising economics’ is not universal. Depending on the moment and the place in the world, the activity can be defined in many ways. Sometimes it is blown like a bubble of soap. Vulnerable. In the logo this is symbolized by a drop (blue colour), which makes a movement.

The origin of the logo, however, is earth, transformed into a drop in the universe. In that way the blue can also be seen as the colour of the sky. With a little bit of sunshine. For all present and future generations. This is precisely the pursuit of ‘sustainable development’.


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